The Basics of Explainer Videos

explainerRecently, there is in vogue a new way to promote a company, organization or even a business: Explainer Videos. Thanks to these videos, many companies in the world are now getting more clients and are improving their rankings. It might be a new concept of showing or describing a product, but it is already working. Many people say they prefer to watch a fun video and understand the idea than reading some articles with the same purpose. That is why companies use explainer videos instead of other kind of information.

However, some people do not know what an explainer video is and how this works. The concept and the main idea of an explainer video are quite simple: Explain in a short, fun and professional video what a product or service is and how that product would benefit people. In the other hand, there are some steps must be follow in order to create a good explainer video. These steps normally take between 4 or 8 weeks, depending on how good the producers are.

There are 6 stages:

  • 1. Research and script. This would be done in the first week and consists on find some information to write the script of the video in only 150 words.
  • 2. Style and illustration. This stage is also done in the first week. Here, all the characters, scenes, colors are decided and done by hand.
  • 3. Storyboarding. In the second week, the script and all the illustration get together creating a story scene-by-scene.
  • 4. Voiceover. Done in the third week, an artist or a professional will record the script in order to give the characters a voice.
  • 5. Animation. This stage might take week 4 and 5. Here all the video is set up: effects, animation, voiceover, etc.
  • 6. Music and sound effects. The last stage could be done in the week 6. Here, all the sounds are mixed to give the video a great sound quality.